20kg automatic snowflake ice machine
Ice production capacity20kg/24h
Ice storage capacity10kg
Product power280W/220V
Machine size330×480×605mm
Water inlet modeTap water automatically inlet  
Cooling modeAir-cooling
Ice shapeIrregular small particles ice
1)Use high-quality stainless steel shell, corrosion-resistant durable, All-in-one structure, compact and simple, save space.
2)Machine insulation layer is non-fluorine foaming, good insulation effect, inner bile is non-fluorine antiseptic type, energy saving and environmental protection.
3)Use high-quality and efficient fluorine-free compressor, the main components have relevant safety certification, product safety and security.
4)Ice-making process using all-computer program control, import computer chips, reliable control, smooth operation.
5)Use foreign imports of gearboxes and motors, low noise, smooth and reliable operation. The top of the ice machine is equipped with cooling holes and fan to ensure that the reducer motor can also operate reliably in high temperatures and harsh conditions.
6)Use patented technology of compartment compartment ice evaporator, high cooling efficiency, large amount of ice production.
7)Spiral roller extrusion ice type, compact structure, realistic ice, water automatic separation. The optimized design of the ice blade is to make the ice shape small and practical.
8)Unique water tank floating water intake system, to ensure no residual water, no de-icing process, no water loss, water saving and energy saving.
9)There is ice full display, water shortage display, too cold protection display, fault warning display and other protective shutdown functions. Ice machine will stop working when ice full or water shortage, when water inlet will automatically power on, with automatic memory recovery function.
10)The ice shape is irregular snowflake crushing ice, ice-shaped small, can penetrate the narrow gap, cooling speed, ice bath effect is good, designed for the laboratory.
11)The front is equipped with power switch and function indicators, thoughtful detailed operating instructions, the use of intuitive and convenient, all safety indicators have been tested by electrical performance, safety and rest assured.
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