Core Components
Use "Embraco" brand compressors produced by the Embraco Group in Slovakia. Embraco Group is the world leading professional manufacturer of sealed compressor, more stable performance, more reliable quality.
Use stable quality brand motor, ice machine operation more stable, more rapid ice production.
Use Italian Otis Haitec secondary gearbox, high-quality aluminum alloy casting box, to adapt to a full range of universal installation configuration; full cooling ribs, so that the body has excellent thermal conduction performance, low noise smooth operation, can be suitable for long-term continuous work in harsh environment; light weight and high mechanical strength.
Fans are all used high-quality bearings, steel sheet, paint coating wire, with higher reliability. The most advanced design, with a large air volume, low noise, long life, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.
Window-type clean water aluminum foil fins, better cooling effect, more efficient ice production.
Ice bucket
Hinge ice buckets are all H62 and T2 materials, ice knife all stainless steel materials. The reamer is optimized with a spiral blade, making the ice more finely broken, faster to get the ice.
Water level control water box
Water shortage, water recharge water level control water box adopts a full-import dry yellow tube floating ball, it is not easy to damage and aging, water level control more accurate, more efficient ice production speed. At present, the water level control water box of domestic counterparts mainly adopts two early forms: One is the lever micro-switch. The disadvantages of this approach are mainly: on-road transport vibration and easy to cause damage. There are electrode contacts, which produce poor contact and are prone to failure without ice. The second is the electric grade. The lack of this way is mainly: time with easy to scale, easy to produce misoperation, water and electricity do not separate, will produce electrolysis in the water, and finally lead to the entire machine does not work.
The whole machine is SUS304 stainless steel shell, Simple and generous appearance.